Wissotzky Tea Company

The history of the Israeli tea giant.

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Wissotzky’s Today

Over the last forty years, Wissotzky’s has continued to grow, automating their facilities, adding new flavors and products to their line, and expanding their delivery fleet both within Israel and across the world. Now run by fifth generation family members, Wissotzky’s produces more than 200 different products (e.g. green and black teas, chais and herbal and fruit blends), and their wooden gift boxes (a.k.a. “magic tea chests”) have become a ubiquitous take-home souvenir for tourists to Israeli.

In 2005, after an 80-year hiatus, they even began selling tea in Russia again, launching a line of premium black teas designed with a contemporary Russian consumer in mind.  According to the Wissotzky website, the company now “leads the tea sector in Israel with a market share of about 78%”--though in March of 2009, it discontinued its iced tea product, Ice T due to low profits and steep competition from companies like Coca Cola-owned Nestea. Still, despite any minor setbacks, Wissotzky’s maintains an impressive track record and a fresh public image, especially considering that the company turned 160-years old in 2009. There must be something about that tea. 

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Leah Koenig

Leah Koenig is a freelance writer whose work has been published in The New York Times Magazine, Gastronomica, Jewish Living, Lilith, Culinate, Beliefnet and other publications.