Marriage Brokers

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match!"

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Clean Up Your Act

The modern hippie is no latter-day phenomenon. He had his counter­part in the "old country" as witness this tale:

A young man with a scraggly, unkempt beard, his clothes filthy, his hair disheveled and uncut, decided that he would continue his Bohemian way of life without working, by marrying a wealthy girl. So he went to  shadkhan.

The marriage broker made no effort to conceal his distaste for the unwashed specimen before him, but he did have a rich girl on his list who was seeking a husband.

"Take me to her right away," cried the disreputable slob eagerly.

"Not in your condition," protested the shadkhan. "She'd have nothing to do with you. First you must shave, comb your hair, take a bath and put on some clean clothes."\

"But suppose she still doesn't like me?"

"In that case," said the broker, "you can always dirty yourself up again."

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