Israeli Literature: A Reader's Guide

Hebrew literature in translation.

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Sayed Kashua (1975-) is a writer and journalist whose work focuses on Palestinian life in contemporary Israel. His first novel, Dancing Arabs, features the protagonist’s struggles as he moves from childhood and adulthood and navigates Palestinian and Israeli culture.

There are many more Hebrew writers who could be added to this diverse list, and many others who will hopefully be translated into English in the near future. Other rich sources of Hebrew literature in translation include the many anthologies of prose, such as the classic Modern Hebrew Literature and the more recent Oxford Book of Hebrew Short Stories, as well as collections of poetry, like The Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse, The Modern Hebrew Poem Itself and The Defiant Muse: Hebrew Feminist Poems From Antiquity to the Present

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Naomi Brenner is completing a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on the many connections and interactions between modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature.