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Religion and sports make good teammates.

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As a final courtesy to Jews at the ballpark, at each of the Kosher Sports stands, there is a designated time every day for fans to gather and daven. While attendance for maariv at some parks can be a struggle, about 100 people gather at Shea Stadium each game for the nightly service. "It's nice to service the community, to give back to the community," Katz says.

The once seemingly separate worlds of Judaism and sports are quickly drawing closer together. Both the number and prominence of Jewish athletes are growing, as well as the visibility of Jewish sports fans. Through a variety of forms, the sports community is continuing to become more welcoming and appealing to the Jewish community. And while it still in some ways is difficult, the connection is becoming stronger.

"It's hard to have a foot in both worlds," Maiya Chard-Yaron says. "But it's doable."

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Howard Tilman

Howard Tilman is a producer for Sporting News Radio, covering sports on a daily basis for the national sports-talk network. Living in Los Angeles, CA, he splits his time between talking sports and finding the best kosher restaurants the city has to offer. Howard can be reached at