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Interfaith Issues

jewish world today quizInterfaith issues, long seen primarily in terms of Jewish-Christian relations, have recently broadened to involve several new players, including Islam and Buddhism. Recent world events have motivated Jews to seek out a more conscious and consistent dialogue with the Muslim community. The significant number of Jews attracted to Eastern philosophy, generally, and to Buddhism, in particular, have inspired the creation of a whole new religious phenomenon, “JewBus”--Jewish individuals who find spiritual sustenance in Buddhist practice.

Trends in Jewish Education

Jewish education in the 21st century addresses the whole family. Synagogues sponsor parallel educational experiences where parents and children learn together or simultaneously. Jewish museums and cultural centers provide a non-denominational option for families wanting opportunities for Jewish activity. In more formal learning environments, opportunities for adults and children abound--online, on campus, and in the synagogue and the community. The number of Jewish day schools has increased dramatically; non-denominational, pluralistic schools have become especially popular.  

Jewish Society Around the World

There are between 13 and 14 million Jews in the world today. The vast majority of Jews live in the United States or Israel. Less than 2 million Jews currently reside in Europe; 400,000 live in Latin America; 350,000 live in Canada. Approximately 100,000 Jews live in Africa, about 90% of whom reside in South Africa.  In Asia (not including Israel) there are 50,000 Jews. 100,000 Jews live in Australia and New Zealand. In all places and times, Jewish culture has borrowed and continues to borrow from (as well as contribute to) the larger cultural milieu.  

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