Jewish American Life

American-Jewish history and culture.

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Next-Generation Novelists
Up and coming Jewish-American writers



Jewish American Music
An overview

Creating the American Musical
The Jewish contribution to Broadway

Who Knew It's By a Jew?
Songs by American Jews

A Blast From the Past
Klezmer finds new life in America

Rock & Roll Jews
Jewish contributions to rock music


Film & Television

Hollywood & Judaism
A historical look at Jews and Judaism on screen

Judaism Through Hollywood's Lens
Filmmakers seem comfortable with Judaism

The Jazz Singer
The first "talkie" centered on a cantor's son

The Multiplex as Temple
Jewish film festivals

Torah From Simpsons
Krusty the Clown & other Jews on the popular sitcom

Head of the Humor Class
Can Jewish comedy survive 21st-century America?



Needling Capitalism
Unionizing American workers

Peddlers & Frontier Judaism
The market revolution takes Jews to the West

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