Starting Over At New Year's

Turning Jan. 1 into a Jewish-themed celebration

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- Jewish life teaches about the importance of words. How could this lesson be applied this New Year's?

- Jewish tradition has taken the transformative power of vows seriously for thousands of years. What would it mean to take your New Year's resolutions so seriously that they could transform your life?

- Jewish wisdom offers a sense of balance for healthy living. Can we celebrate the New Year without overindulging?

Most traditional religious groups have shied away from celebrating at New Year's, so the celebrations have no wisdom to guide them. Those that have offered guidance often have done so in a manner that feels defensive. But if we can find a way to use our traditions to help bridge the divide, we can create richer, more meaningful ways to live.

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Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield is the vice president of CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.