Passover (Pesach) Themes and Theology

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In telling the story of the escape from Egypt and the plagues that preceded it, Jews also highlight God's role in the redemption. Moses is not mentioned in the traditional Haggadah lest too much focus center on him and his role rather than on God, the Sovereign of the Universe. The Haggadah emphasizes that it was not a messenger or angel, but the almighty God who redeemed the Jews. The events and circumstances of the Exodus, from the calling of Moses at the burning bush to the plagues brought against the Egyptians, proved beyond any doubt to Pharaoh and all humankind that the one God is Sovereign over all the earth. Beyond that, the Exodus is a formative experience for the Jewish people. What was once a group of slaves gains an identity as a nation. This event laying the foundation for a covenantal relationship with God.

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