Redemption Comes at Sinai

Passover and Shavuot are part of one spiritual journey.

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We mark the same seven-week period that the Jews did through our counting of the Omer, drawing day-by-day, much as they did, closer to God. The continuous counting serves to remind us that the redemption did not end with Passover. Had we been taken out of Egypt but not experienced the revelation at Sinai, it would not have been enough, no matter what the popular seder song "Dayeinu" may say.  The process was not complete until the festival of Shavuot, when what began with Passover finally came to its fitting conclusion--spiritual, as well as physical, redemption.  Perhaps it is fitting, then, that Sukkot has no physical observances; on this intensely spiritual holiday, we honor God not with ritual, but by dedicating our souls and our minds.

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Rami Genauer is a writer living in Washington, DC.