Israel, 1948-1967

Building a new nation.

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From 1948 to 1967, Jordan had controlled East Jerusalem and barred Jews from the Western Wall and the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives. When Israel gained East Jerusalem in 1967, it gave each religious group control over its own holy sites.

While the Six-Day War is seen historically, from an Israeli perspective, as a momentous event because of the recapturing of Jerusalem and the overcoming of great military odds, it is also the preamble for many of the conflicts and controversies that exist in the Middle East today. The questions of Palestinian refugees and statehood are directly linked to the events of June 1967.

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Elena Aronson

Elena Aronson has a BA in Jewish Studies from Smith College. After participating in Project Otzma she went on to earn an MA in Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary. She currently serves as Bay Area Outreach Coordinator for the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation in San Francisco and owns a personal shopping and styling business.