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    Rabbi Daniel Kohn

    Rabbi Daniel Kohn, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, was ordained from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1991. He is the author of several books on Jewish education and spirituality who currently writes and teaches throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

    • MJL Author Article 10

      The Amidah

      Moving from praise to petition to thanksgiving, the Amidah inculcates a sense of connection to God.

    • MJL Author Article 11

      Prayer Services for Yom Kippur

      The Day of Atonement contains more services than any other observance in Judaism

    • MJL Author Article 12

      Shabbat Liturgy

      Shabbat's unique liturgy

    • MJL Author Article 13

      Prayer Services of Rosh Hashanah

      The unique New Year prayers vividly recall the major themes of the holiday.

    • MJL Author Article 14

      Extras in the Siddur

      Editors of siddurim (prayer books) have included a variety of bonus materials.

    • MJL Author Article 15

      The Torah Service

      The drama of the service draws upon imagery from Israel's history of wandering in the Sinai wilderness to the worship at the Temple in Jerusalem.

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