Articles By Rabbi Peretz Rodman

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    Rabbi Peretz Rodman

    Peretz Rodman is a Jerusalem-based rabbi, teacher, writer, editor, and translator. He was a founding editor of

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      Ending Shiva

      Getting up and walking around the block marks the end of a week of mourning.

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      How to Choose a Siddur

      Jewish prayerbooks today are easier on the eye--but they challenge the heart and mind in diverse ways

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      A passage from the Prophets recited after Torah reading.

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      A Zionist Hanukkah

      Modern Hebrew culture made of Hanukkah a celebration of the new, self-reliant Jew.

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      Must One Honor an Abusive Parent?

      While fully aware of the corrosive effect of abuse by parents, rabbinic literature still encourages expressions of respect and honor for such parents.

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      Travel to Israel

      Beyond tourism, to transformation: In something foreign we can find ourselves.

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      Passover Songs

      From a lowly goat to the rebuilt Holy Temple, the songs in the Haggadah survey all of Jewish life and hope.

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      Derech Eretz

      The way of the world.

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      Tevilat Kelim: Immersing Food Utensils

      Some perform symbolic sanctification of newly acquired items.

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      Holiday of Religious Liberty

      The Jews of Western Europe and America gave Hanukkah new meaning--which remains with us today.

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