Articles By Rabbi Nina B. Cardin

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    Rabbi Nina B. Cardin

    Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin the Director of the Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network and past General Consultant to COEJL.

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      Book of Life

      The life and death imagery of Rosh Hashanah is meant to spur people to improve their behavior.

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      Significance of Birkat Hahammah

      In Birkat Hahammah (the Blessing of the Sun), the rabbis acknowledged the power of nature, but put the emphasis on its Creator.

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      We Are Not Alone

      Repentance is made easier with the support of others, human and divine, and by setting realistic goals.

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      Moon and Women

      Celebrating the new moon has special significance for women.

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      The Sukkot Paradox

      Do walls make us secure or vulnerable?

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