Articles By Rabbi Irving Greenberg

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    Rabbi Irving Greenberg

    Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg was the president of Jewish Life Network/Steinhardt Foundation and founding president of CLAL, the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. He also is the author of For the Sake of Heaven and Earth: The New Encounter Between Judaism and Christianity (2004, Jewish Publication Society).

    • MJL Author Article 30

      The Exodus Effect

      The impact of Judaism's transformative event is felt by the other monotheistic religions.

    • MJL Author Article 31

      Remembering Amalek

      A serious lesson that focuses on fighting evil precedes the Purim fesitivites.

    • MJL Author Article 32

      The Challenges of Sukkot

      Sukkot observances offer a balance between the real and the ideal.

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