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    Rachel Adler

    Rachel Adler, a feminist theologian, earned a Ph.D. in religion and social ethics from the University of Southern California jointly with Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, where she now teaches.

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      The Slave Wife

      By highlighting the shadowy woman in the background, we get a rare, ironic glimpse of the dilemma of slavery in the Bible.

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      Engendering Judaism

      Because the evolution of Judaism is affected by social conditions, it can be actively developed to be gender sensitive.

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      Mending the World of Patriarchy

      Genesis 1 is an account of the Creation, whereas Genesis 2-3 is an account of the creation of patriarchy--a remarkably truthful account.

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      Hannah's Prayer

      The model of prayer with sincerity

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      The Nature of the Cosmos

      Why should we care so much about the details of the Tabernacle?

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