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    Saul Austerlitz

    Saul Austerlitz is a writer and film critic in New York.

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      Borat in America

      Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical look at the United States--and (fake) Kazakh anti-Semitism.

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      Cynthia Ozick

      Ozick's version of Jewish literature is more than Yiddish words and slapstick.

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      The Three Stooges

      Three Jewish boys create a cycle of timeless stupidity.

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      Arthur Miller: A Biography

      Yiddish-speaking playwright who became America's playwright.

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      Elie Wiesel

      Elie Wiesel brought the Holocaust and its survival to the American public.

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      Saul Bellow

      The most successful Jewish American writer may be the most ambivalent as well.

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      Barbara Streisand's Yentl

      The 1983 film is finally being released on DVD.

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      Jewish Film, 1990-Present

      A survey of recent American and International Jewish cinema.

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      Art Spiegelman

      Using a medium often associated with lightheartedness to portray the horrors of the Holocaust.

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      Jewish Immigrant Literature

      Yiddish-speaking Jews put faith in the language of their new country and left an indelible mark on American letters.

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