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    Professor Nahum Rakover, former Deputy Attorney General of the State of Israel, is a leading scholar in the field of Jewish law and has written widely on Jewish legal topics. He compiled The Multi-Language Bibliography of Jewish Law.

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      Consumer Protection in Jewish Law

      The Torah forbids fraud in pricing and in weights and measures. Prophets and sages rail against those who violate these laws.

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      Price Regulation in Jewish Law

      Jewish law provides for government intervention in the markets for goods and services through price controls, limits on profits, and perhaps even allowing cartels to operate.

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      Fraudulent Pricing in Jewish Law

      A seller charging more than fair market value can be forced to rebate the difference, or even to cancel the sale.

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      Misrepresentation and Fraud in Jewish Law

      Talmudic law and the medieval law codes developed from it protected consumers from many types of deceptive practices.

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      Weights and Measures in Jewish Law

      Shortchanging a customer in weight or measure, even mere possession of defective weights or measures, is a punishable offense -- and a moral failing.

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