Articles By Rabbi Ismar Schorsch

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    Rabbi Ismar Schorsch

    Rabbi Ismar Schorsch served as chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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      Transformative Power

      Moses was changed internally and externally by his experience on Mt. Sinai.

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      The Two Creation Stories

      An attempt to reconcile two opposing views of nature.

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      Our God, Our Matchmaker

      Nurturing marriage

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      Shield of Abraham

      Gleaning great meaning from the single word this portion gave to Jewish liturgy.

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      Torah Like Water

      A creative interpretation yields a valuable lesson about the vital importance of Torah to the Jewish people.

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      Pinhas in America?

      The Torah portion deals with intermarriage, a problem we know all too well today.

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      Obligations to the Poor at Harvest Time.

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      Good Governance

      Moses exemplifies a lesson in business ethics.

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      Symbolic Names

      The name Gershom, and the word for Hebrew, Ivri, carry a message about what it means to be Jewish.

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      Why Bondage?

      An exploration of why the Children of Israel were destined to be slaves toPharaoh

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