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    David Mandel studied at the University of Pennsylvania under Bible scholar Moshe Greenberg, and moved to Israel in 1970, where he founded Computronic Corporation, an Israeli software development company that specializes in biblical software.

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      Rebekah (Rebecca)

      Isaac's wife was known for her kindness and beauty--and deception.

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      Saul's son and David's friend.

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      The famed prophet of Passover foretold King Ahab's downfall.

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      This king of Babylon was plagued with unusual dreams.

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      This prophet was a great interpreter of dreams.

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      A righteous woman determined to have children.

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      Lot in the Bible

      Abraham's nephew was one of the only survivors of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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      Hagar in the Bible

      Though she gave Abraham a son, she was banished.

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      Moses's wife was a Midianite.

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