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    Howard Sachar

    Howard M. Sachar is the author of numerous books, including A History of Israel, A History of the Jews in America, Farewell Espana, Israel and Europe, and A History of Jews in the Modern World. He is also the editor of the 39-volume The Rise of Israel: A Documentary History. He serves as Professor of Modern History at George Washington University.

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      Israel's Foreign Policy

      An examination of the development of the Israeli military.

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      Jews in the Civil Rights Movement

      Working to extend America's freedoms.

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      Court Jews

      Court Jews were purveyors who provided food, fodder, and munitions to the European courts in return for special privileges.

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      The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

      The 1911 tragedy fueled the Jewish labor movement for decades to come.

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      Oslo Negotiations

      In 1992 and 1993, representatives from Israel and the PLO met secretly in Oslo to discuss the possibilities of Palestinian self-rule and Israeli security.

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      Smart Jews

      The Jewish impact on American intellectual culture.

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