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    Dr. Ron Wolfson

    Dr. Ron Wolfson is the Fingerhut Professor of Education at American Jewish University and the president of Synagogue 3000.

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      The Phases of Jewish Bereavement

      Jewish mourning customs reflect the natural course of grief and recovery following the death of a loved one.

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      Making a Memorable Seder

      The seder need not--should not--stick to the script. Innovation is key for a memorable and fun educational experience.

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      Going to a Jewish Funeral

      Bad news, unfortunately, travels fast. It can be helpful to know in advance what to do when attending a Jewish funeral.

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      Sephardic Customs During Shiva

      A number of Sephardic shiva customs involve individual and communal study.

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      The December Dilemma

      Hanukkah's proximity to Christmas has greatly affected the way the holiday is viewed.

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      The Casket, or Aron

      The rabbis mandated a simple wooden coffin to equalize people in death and to enable the return to dust.

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      Death and Special Issues of the Body

      An overview of autopsy, organ donation, and cremation in Jewish tradition and practice.

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      How to Make a Shiva Call

      Because a shiva call requires total sensitivity to the needs of the mourner, the tradition mandates appropriate behaviors for the visitor.

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      The Hanukkiyah (Menorah)

      There is great leeway in the appearance of the Hanukkah lamp.

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      The Funeral, or Levaya

      A Jewish funeral is held as quickly as possible after death and usually includes readings, a eulogy, and a special memorial prayer.

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