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    Anita Diamant

    Anita Diamant is a writer. Her books include Choosing a Jewish Life, The New Jewish Wedding, Saying Kaddish, and The Red Tent, a novel. She lives in Newton, Massachusetts.

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      Development and History of Kaddish

      The Kaddish originated as an expression of praise to God following a learned discourse.

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      Telling Parents About Conversion

      Plenty of empathy and emotional support can help most parents to understand and ultimately accept their child's decision to convert.

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      The Shroud

      Simple white shrouds democratize death and protect the poor from embarrassment.

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      Preparing for the Mikveh

      Plan ahead to enhance the spirituality of the immersion experience; a mikveh or mikvah, a ritual bath, tends more toward the functional than the spiritual.

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      Mourning Non-Jewish Loved Ones

      "Can a Convert Say Kaddish?" and Other Questions

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      Shiva Customs

      During shiva the entire physical environment of the mourner is transformed to acknowledge the immediacy of death.

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      Developing a Relationship With the Born-Jewish Family

      A convert must step gingerly across a minefield of long-held expectations, sometimes complicated by ambivalence toward Jewishness.

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      Kaddish is a Mystery

      The essence of Kaddish may be less in the meaning of the words than in the experience of reciting it with other Jews.

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      How to Pick a Hebrew Name

      One of the joys of being "like a newborn baby" after the conversion is that you get to pick a Hebrew name--which is easier than you may think.

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      Viddui: The Deathbed Confession

      Traditional and liberal possibilities for this little-known practice

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