Articles By Rabbi Steve Greenberg

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    Rabbi Steve Greenberg

    Rabbi Steve Greenberg is a Senior Teaching Fellow at CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. Steve was featured in the acclaimed 2001 film Trembling Before G-d, about Orthodox gay Jews, and has appeared in over 500 post-screening community dialogues throughout the world.

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      Scouting For Self-Confidence

      The role of the spies was to determine whether they and the Israelites had the confidence and certainty of God's love to enter the land of the covenant.

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      Balance Of Power

      The Torah takes care to limit the power of both the kingship and the priesthood, the formal institutions of leadership and governance in ancient Israel.

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      Reminders Of Love

      Like Judah's approach to Joseph, the people of Israel must sometimes remind God of our unique commitment to one another.

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      Fairness In The Marketplace

      The rabbinic understanding of commerce laws in parashat B'har focuses on ensuring that consumers have access to market information.

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