Articles By Rabbi Louis Jacobs

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    Rabbi Louis Jacobs

    Rabbi Dr. Louis Jacobs (1920-2006) was a Masorti rabbi, the first leader of Masorti Judaism (also known as Conservative Judaism) in the United Kingdom, and a leading writer and thinker on Judaism.

    • MJL Author Article 80

      Baalei Teshuvah

      Once a name for sinners who repented, this term now describes those who return to Orthodoxy.

    • MJL Author Article 81


      Gambling, for the most part, is permitted in Judaism.

    • MJL Author Article 82

      Azariah de Rossi

      Medieval Italian scholar pioneered the 'scientific' study of the Jewish past.

    • MJL Author Article 83

      Jewish Astrology

      There was no Jewish prohibition against consulting the stars, but sages questioned if astrology applied to Jews.

    • MJL Author Article 84

      The Baal Shem Tov

      The founder of Hasidism is shrouded in legend and mystery.

    • MJL Author Article 85

      Isaac Mayer Wise (1819-1900)

      The architect of American Reform Judaism

    • MJL Author Article 86

      Caring for One's Own Health

      Jewish law mandates a healthful lifestyle.

    • MJL Author Article 87


      Solomon Ibn Adret wrote numerous Medieval responsa.

    • MJL Author Article 88

      Fatherhood of God

      God's relationship as a parent is to Israel, not to Man.

    • MJL Author Article 89

      Menahem Meiri

      This medieval talmudist's religious tolerance was ahead of his time.

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