The Personal is Communal

Events in the "calendar" of the lifecycle are private, yet connect us to the "unseen presences" of missing family members and our entire people throughout history.

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As the Jewish people grows and evolves, we sense that there are all sorts of moments—getting a driver's license, aging, etc.—that need sacred reminders, that could use the ancient and new poetry of our experience to bring meaning to our lives. And there are other, sadder times in life which have always had rituals associated with them, e.g., divorce. Those rituals can be reconsidered, redrawn, re-imagined—and they, too, can have their healing power. May God bless all your moments of passage with holiness, with depth, and with joy.

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Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin

Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin is the Senior Rabbi of The Community Synagogue in Port Washington, New York; the Co-chair of the Commission on Reform Jewish Outreach.