Kosher Fish List

A guide to choosing a kosher fish.

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Blue runner
California yellowtail
Jack mackerel or horse mackerel
Jacks and uluas
Leatherback or lae
Pompanos, palometas, and permits
Rainbow runner
Scads and cigarfish
NOT INCLUDING Leatherjacket

Jacksmelt See Silversides

Jewfish See Sea basses

John Dory

Kelpfish See Giant kelpfish

Kingfish See Drums and Mackerels

Ladyfish, or tenpounder

Lafayette See Drums

Lake Herring See Trouts

Largemouth bass See Sunfish

Leatherback See Jacks

Lingcod See Greenlings


Lookdown See Jacks

Mackerels, Atka See Greenlings

Mackerels and tunas 

Albacore tunas
King mackerel or kingfish
Skipjack tunas
Spanish mackerels, cero, and sierra 
NOT INCLUDING Snake mackerels

Mahi mahi See Dolphin fish

Margate See Grunts


Menhaden See Herrings

Menpachii See Squirrelfish

Merluccio See Hakes

Milkfish or awa


Monkeyface prickleback

Mooneye See Goldeye

Moonfsh See Jacks

Mossbunker See Herrings

Mouthbrooder See Cichlids

Mullets Includes mullets and amaamas, mountain mullets or dajaos, and uouoa

Muskellunge See Pikes

Mutton hamlet See Sea basses

Muttonfish See Snappers

Needlefish Includes marine gars

Opaleye See Sea chubs

Palometa See Jacks

Parrotfishs Includes uhus

Perches Includes pike perch, sauger, walleye, yellow perch, and yellow or blue pike

Permit See Jacks

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