Making Meat Kosher: Between Slaughtering and Cooking

Blood must be removed from kosher meat, usually by salting and soaking, before it may be cooked and consumed.

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15. Care should be taken to broil the liver over a flame and not in an oven from which the coals have been removed. The liver may not be broiled while wrapped in foil or paper of any kind, no matter how thin.

16. Liver must not be salted before it is broiled in the manner in which meat is salted, and it certainly should not be salted together with meat.

17. Meat that was kept for three full days (72 hours) and had not been soaked within that period of time, may not be cooked but must be broiled.

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Rabbi Gersion Appel, (1916-2008) D.H.L., Ph.D., served congregations in Worcester, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; New York City and Kew Gardens, New York; and was Professor of Philosophy at Stern College of Yeshiva University. He is the author of A Philosophy of Mitzvot.