Jewish Spirituality

Renewing Jewish expression, belief, and practice--in ways traditional and new.

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New Rituals


All the World's a Place for Prayer
Spiritual awareness in everyday moments

Why Pray?
Jewish answers to this fundamental question

A Soul for God
Learning to speak to God through prayer

Hannah's Prayer
A model of sincerity

The Words Are Only a Way
Liturgy is only one form of prayer

Living a Prayerful Life
Taking prayer with you

From the Depths
Psalms as prayer

God is My Shepherd
A translation and interpretation of Psalm 23

Significance of the Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
A mitzvah with deep theological meaning

Significance of Tefillin (Phylacteries)
Powerful symbols of allegiance to divine law

Climbing the Rungs of Prayer
The Hasidic masters on contemplative prayer



God Is My Shepherd
A translation and interpretation of  Psalm 23

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