My Jewish Learning

Magic & the Supernatural Quiz

Judaism has many folk customs with magical undertones. But these are not without controversy. How well do you know Jewish magic, and the debates around it?

Question 1. What is divination?
 Gazing into the future using supernatural means
 Any act of creation, natural or supernatural
 Anointing oneself directly as a divinity (God)
 Making objects or people appear or disappear


Question 2. Which biblical character is said to be a witch?
 King Manasseh
 Queen Esther
 Queen Jezebel


Question 3. What is Kabbalah Ma'asit?
 Another name for the Zohar
 Mystical literature that is more theoretical than practical
 Mystical literature that offers formulas for achieving closeness to God through meditation and name-recitation
 A book from the Jewish enlightenment that decries magical practices


Question 4. True or false: Among the Dead Sea Scrolls, there exists a fragmentary text that is a collection of protective formulae for fending off demonic attack.


Question 5. What is blood libel?
 The use of blood for healing purposes
 The accusation of ritual child murder
 A theory pertaining to Jewish genetics
 The practice of storing blood in customary vases


Question 6. True or false: Judaism ascribes some supernatural powers to the zodiac.


Question 7. Who is the author of the play The Dybbuk?
 Grace Aguilar
 S. Ansky
 Sholem Aleichem
 Sholem Asch