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Jewish Music Quiz

Jewish music today extends well beyond the synagogue, to the concert halls of Israel, the Klezmer revival, and the reggae of Matisyahu. How much do you know about Jewish music?

Question 1. Which Jews were the first to incorporate organs and other instruments into their liturgical practice?
 Hasidic Jews
 Sephardic Jews
 Reform Jews
 Conservative Jews


Question 2. True or false: After the destruction of the Temple, the rabbis forbade the use of instruments during prayer.


Question 3. Which event brought Cantor Yosselle Rosenblatt to the attention of the New York Times in 1917?
 His refusal of Cleofonte Campanini's offer to sing the lead at the Chicago Opera
 His appearance at the New York Public Library for the War Savings Stamp Campaign, when he sang "The Star Spangled Banner"
 Leading the prayer service at the First Hungarian Congregation Ohab Zedek, one of New York's premier synagogues
 When he sang before a crowd of 6,000 at the Hippodrome Theater to raise funds for Jews suffering in Europe


Question 4. What is Leonard Bernstein's only work composed for the synagogue?
 The Dybbuk


Question 5. Which composition by George Gershwin is a fusion of European classical music with pop, jazz, and blues?
 Porgy and Bess
 Rhapsody in Blue
 The Jazz Singer
 Cuban Overture


Question 6. Which of these is an example of song in the Bible?
 Abraham singing to God as he attempted to sacrifice Isaac
 Moses and Miriam leading the people in song after the exodus from Egypt
 The Israelites singing their complaints to God in the desert
 All of these


Question 7. Which song, written by Naomi Shemer, is most often associated with the Six-Day War?
 Shir L'Shalom
 Ammunition Hill
 Hora He'achuzut
 Jerusalem of Gold