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Ancient and Medieval History Quiz

The history of ancient and medieval Jewish communities reveals the origins of Judaism as we know it. How much do you know about the main Jewish figures and events, from the Bible to the dawn of modernity?

Question 1. True or False: Synagogues have been present in the land of Israel since the time of Abraham.


Question 2. Where was Rashi born?


Question 3. Rabbi Akiba believed that which contemporary of his was the Messiah?
 Bar Kochba
 Johanan Ben Zakkai


Question 4. What happened in the Land of Israel in the early seventh century?
 It was a time of relative peace and tranquility
 Jewish residents were forcibly converted to Christianity
 All Jews left the area
 Within 24 years, the country changed hands three times


Question 5. Who were the Karaites?
 A medieval Jewish sect
 An alternative to rabbinic Judaism
 Biblical fundamentalists
 All of these


Question 6. Who wrote the Shulhan Arukh?
 Isaac Luria
 Joseph Caro


Question 7. What is the Zohar?
 An influential book of Jewish mystical thought about each Torah portion
 A pre-kabbalistic work from the time of the Geonim
 A spiritual alternative to the Talmud, produced around the same time as the Talmud
 An early modern collection of hasidic tales