My Jewish Learning

Modern History Quiz

Questions of national identity and Jewish identity were central to the experience of modernity for Jews everywhere. How much do you know about Jewish history since 1650?

Question 1. Moses Mendelssohn was a Jewish scholar who
 Learned to play the piano and later became a famous composer
 Fell in love with and eventually married the Queen of Germany
 First suggested that the shofar should be blown on Rosh HaShanah
 Broke the traditional mold of the Jewish scholar by pursuing subjects beyond Judaism


Question 2. In December of 1862 General Ulysses Grant expelled all Jews from Kentucky, Tennesse and Mississippi.


Question 3. Which of these was a Jewish response to political emancipation in Europe?
 All of these
 None of these


Question 4. Opponents to the Hasidic movement were called


Question 5. The first aliyah movement to Palestine started in what year?


Question 6. In the Merchant of Venice, what is the price that Shylock demands from Antonio?
 A thousand ducats
 A chest of gold
 A pound of flesh
 A hooked nose


Question 7. The British were given authority over Palestine at what conference?
 Treaty of Versailles
 Paris Peace Conference
 San Remo Convention
 Yalta Conference


Question 8. Who was the first Israeli astronaut in outer space?
 Ilan Ramon
 Moshe Katzav
 Yoni Netanyahu
 Eli Cohen


Question 9. True or False: Originally, Hasidic leadership was passed on to the most outstanding disciple of the Rebbe or Zaddik when he died.


Question 10. How did Harry Houdini die?
 He drowned
 He fell off a tightrope
 He was punched in the stomach by a fan
 He had a heart attack