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Shavuot Quiz

Shavuot began as a harvest festival, but it also commemorates the revelation at Sinai and the giving of the Torah. Traditions of the holiday include eating dairy, nighttime learning, and decorating houses and synagogues with plant life. How much do you know about this spring holiday?

Question 1. Shavuot celebrates
 The making of huts in the desert when the Jews wandered for 40 years
 The giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai
 The escape of the Jews from Egypt
 The first grain harvest after the Jews arrived in the Holy Land


Question 2. What type of decoration is traditionally found in the home and/or synagogue during Shavuot?
 A lulav and etrog


Question 3. On the first day of Shavuot, this is read from the Torah
 The story of creation
 The story of Sodom and Gomorrah
 The entire book of Leviticus
 The first line of every parashah
 The Ten Commandments


Question 4. Which of these customs is observed by traditional Jews during the period of the Omer?
 Not cutting hair or shaving.
 Not listening to live music.
 Not attending parties or joyous functions.
 All of the above.
 None of the above.


Question 5. Some believe the Omer is a period of mourning for the students of
 Rabbi Akiba
 Martin Buber
 Judah the Prince


Question 6. Shavuot is also called Hag Habikkurim, which means
 Festival of first fruits
 Festival of harvest
 Festival of weeks
 Time of receiving the Torah
 Festival of assembly


Question 7. What city is traditional for some to make a pilgrimage to on Lag Ba'Omer?
 The nearest large metropolis.
 Tel Aviv