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Tisha B'Av Quiz

The fast day Tisha B'Av commemorates the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and many other tragedies throughout Jewish history. How much do you know about Tisha B'Av?

Question 1. On Tisha BAv, people
 Refraining from washing
 Refraining from sexual relations
 Refraining from wearing leather
 All of the above


Question 2. What was the Western Wall originally the wall of?
 The First Temple
 The Second Temple
 The Old City of Jerusalem
 Al-Aqsa Mosque


Question 3. Which of these is NOT a term for the three weeks preceding Tisha B'Av?
 The Three Weeks
 The Days of Mourning
 Bein Ha-Metzarim
 Between the Straits


Question 4. The two major sects of Judaism after the destruction of the Temple were
 The Reform and Orthodox
 The Ashkenazic and Sephardic
 The Pharisees and Sadducees
 The Tannaim and Amoraim
 The Kohans and Levis


Question 5. Which king was responsible for the destruction of the First Temple?
 King Nebuchadnezzar
 King Titus
 King Antiochus
 King Ahab


Question 6. How many Jews died in the war for independence against the Romans?
 Less than ten
 Over one million


Question 7. When is Tisha BAv observed?
 On the 7th of Av
 On the 9th of Av
 On the 10th of Adar
 On the 9th of Adar