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Tisha B'Av Quiz

The fast day Tisha B'Av commemorates the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and many other tragedies throughout Jewish history. How much do you know about Tisha B'Av?

Question 1. On Tisha B’Av, people
 Refraining from washing
 Refraining from sexual relations
 Refraining from wearing leather
 All of the above


Question 2. On Tisha B'Av, these are worn at minhah
 Leather shoes
 White robes
 Tallit and tefillin
 Soiled clothing


Question 3. What does the beginning of the Three Weeks mark?
 The final siege of Jerusalem that led to the Second Temple’s destruction
 The final siege of Jerusalem that led to the First Temple’s destruction
 The time that people must beginning cleaning their houses for Passover
 Each week commemorates one of the pilgrimage festivals


Question 4. Which of these is NOT a term for the three weeks preceding Tisha B'Av?
 The Three Weeks
 The Days of Mourning
 Bein Ha-Metzarim
 Between the Straits


Question 5. Which king was responsible for the destruction of the First Temple?
 King Nebuchadnezzar
 King Titus
 King Antiochus
 King Ahab


Question 6. Beginning on the 1st of Av, traditionally people
 Hold festive parties
 Start reciting Selichot prayers
 Do not eat meat
 Do not drink water
 Read from two Torah scrolls


Question 7. Which line in the Book of Lamentations is read aloud by the whole congregation?
 "How lonely sits the city once full of people"
 "I thought my strength and hope in the Lord had perished"
 "Turn us to you, O Lord, and we will return. Renew our days as of old."
 "Those who died by the sword were better off than those who perished by hunger"