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Israeli History Quiz

Since its birth in 1948, Israel has had a busy history, dotted with wars and peace treaties. How much do you know about the history of Zionism and the Jewish state?

Question 1. Which of these are non-Jewish citizens of Israel?
 All of these


Question 2. Ahad Haam was the founder of which kind of Zionism?
 Secular zionism
 Religious zionism
 Cultural zionism


Question 3. Followers of Abraham Abulafia's mystical school believed that Israel represents what?
 The individual soul
 The individual heart
 The individual brain
 The individual lungs


Question 4. Nahmanides said that all Jewish laws were only meant to be performed in the Land of Israel. What did he say about performing mitzvot in exile?
 It is not necessary to perform mitzvot in exile
 By performing mitzvot out of Israel, Jews distinguish themselves from non-Jews
 By performing mitzvot out of Israel, Jews keep tradition alive
 It is necessary to perform mitzvot out of Israel, in hopes of one day returning to the land


Question 5. Who wrote the lyrics for Israel's anthem Hatikvah?
 Naphtali Herz Imber
 Samuel Cohen
 Theodor Herzl
 David Ben-Gurion


Question 6. What country did Israel, France, and Britain invade in October 1956?


Question 7. The Israeli Army withdrew from its positions in Lebanon in what year?