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Israeli History Quiz

Since its birth in 1948, Israel has had a busy history, dotted with wars and peace treaties. How much do you know about the history of Zionism and the Jewish state?

Question 1. Who coined the famous phrase: “My heart is in the East and I am in the West"?
 Theodor Herzl
 Judah Halevi
 Ahad Haam


Question 2. Ahad Haam was the founder of which kind of Zionism?
 Secular zionism
 Religious zionism
 Cultural zionism


Question 3. What day was the State of Israel established?
 May 1, 1946
 May 8, 1947
 May 14, 1948
 May 17, 1949


Question 4. What is Galei Tzahal?
 A popular children's television show
 An army post in Gaza
 Israeli Army Radio
 An Israeli basketball team


Question 5. In 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on what Jewish holiday?
 Rosh Hashanah
 Yom Kippur


Question 6. Adolph Eichmann was captured in what city?
 Buenos Aires
 Hong Kong


Question 7. "I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter's gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand." Where did Yasser Arafat make this famous statement?
 UN General Assembly
 Camp David
 European Union