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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Quiz

Traditionally, being a bar/bat mitzvah meant that one was obligated to fulfill the mitzvot, or commandments. Today, boys and girls may mark this event by leading services, reading from the Torah, or doing community service projects. How much do you know about Bar/Bat Mitzvahs?

Question 1. The tradition of boys reading from the Torah at their bar mitzvah began in what century?
 Fifth century
 10th century
 17th century
 20th century


Question 2. The Hebrew term for being called up to the Torah is


Question 3. Which one of these statements is NOT true: The bat/bar mitzvah celebration marks the time when children are
 Obligated to observe the commandments
 No longer counted as part of a minyan
 First allowed to participate in and perform the various rituals associated with full membership in the community
 First allowed to wear tefillin and a tallit


Question 4. Which TV show featured an episode where a character felt "incomplete" because he'd never had a bar mitzvah?
 The Honeymooners
 The Dick Van Dyke Show
 All in the Family
 Dawson's Creek


Question 5. In which countries is there evidence of bat mitzvahs before the 20th century?
 All of the above.
 None of the above.


Question 6. Which of these is a pre-bar/bat mitzvah child allowed to do?
 Lead Anim Z'mirot
 Be counted to a minyan
 Read from the Torah
 Wear tefillin


Question 7. In what country was the drasha (Torah discourse) first included in bar mitzvah celebrations?


Question 8. Who first enacted Jewish confirmation ceremonies?
 19th-century Reform Jewish leaders.
 The rabbis of the Talmud.
 Women's rights activists.
 The Modern Orthodox movement.


Question 9. In the Book of Numbers, what age does God identify as an age of moral responsibility?


Question 10. Haftarah portions come from which set of books?
 The Torah
 The prophetic books
 The megillot
 The rabbinic writings