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Conversion Quiz

The process of conversion depends on the overseeing rabbi, but generally includes a great deal of learning, culminating with an appearance before a Jewish court, the taking of a Hebrew name, circumcision for men, and a dunk in the ritual bath. How much do you know about Jewish conversion?

Question 1. What does a convert's immersion in the mikveh symbolize?
 A spiritual rebirth
 Cleansing the convert of past misdeeds
 Preparation for a different future and destiny
 All of the above


Question 2. True or false: In most Jewish communities, circumcision is not required to convert a baby boy.


Question 3. True or false: All mikvehs are run by the Orthodox movement.


Question 4. True or false: A new convert traditionally adopts Abraham and Sarah as spiritual parents.


Question 5. What is the Hebrew term for the three-person rabbinic court that takes responsibility for a conversion?
 Beit Din


Question 6. True or false: All Conservative rabbis will agree to convert a Jew if the primary motivation for the conversion is marriage.


Question 7. What is a kelim mikveh?
 A mikveh for children
 A mikveh for sinners
 A mikveh for the ultra-Orthodox
 A mikveh for dishes


Question 8. What does the Hebrew word brit mean?


Question 9. In the biblical period, how did people join the Israelite nation?
 Through immersing themselves in a mikveh
 Through circumcision
 Through assimilation into the community
 Only through birth; converts were not accepted


Question 10. Which of these women is the biblical prototype of a convert?