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Divorce Quiz

What are the details of ending a Jewish marriage? What contemporary concerns figure into the discussion?

Question 1. Is a civil divorce accepted as fully dissolving a marriage?
 Yes, according to Reform Judaism.
 Yes, according to Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism.
 Yes, according to Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative Judaism.


Question 2. True or false: Orthodox rabbis have almost completely eradicated the agunah problem.


Question 3. Which of these statements about mamzerim is true?
 They may only marry converts or other mamzerim
 They are the result of an adulterous or incestuous union
 Although they are limited in who they can marry, they suffer no other penalties according to Jewish law
 All of the above


Question 4. What is a ketubah?
 A marriage agreement
 A bill of divorce
 A summons to appear before the Beit Din to discuss divorce
 The written amount of money a woman gets for alimony


Question 5. When might a conditional get be granted?
 Before marriage, just in case anything happens to the husband
 If the husband expects to face a situation of mortal danger
 If the husband falls ill
 By the Beit Din, in case the husband couldn't grant a get before he died


Question 6. What is the Hebrew term for the three-person rabbinic court that has expertise in the laws of Jewish divorce?
 Beit Din


Question 7. During the divorce ritual, what does the man do to officially declare that the woman is free to remarry?
 Drop the get into the woman's hands
 Tear the corners of the get
 Burn the get
 Brings the get to a local rabbi to get his signature


Question 8. True or false: Divorce is a mitzvah.


Question 9. Which of these details does NOT appear on a traditional get?
 The name of the nearest river
 The reason for the divorce
 All the names and nicknames of both parties
 The date


Question 10. What is a shetar piturin?
 A series of questions the rabbi must ask the husband to make sure he is legally able to divorce his wife
 A document of release granted by the rabbi, which allows divorcees to remarry
 A specified amount of money that the husband must pay the wife upon divorce
 The rabbinic court which has expertise in the laws of Jewish divorce