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Weddings Quiz

When planning a Jewish wedding, there are laws and traditions concerning everything from the engagement, to the procession, to the week after the wedding. How much do you know about Jewish weddings?

Question 1. What is a mikveh?
 A ritual bath where brides immerse before their wedding
 A ritual bath where women immerse after they menstruate
 A ritual bath where converts immerse to become Jewish
 All of the above


Question 2. Which Jewish movement has come out strongly in favor of same-sex marriages?


Question 3. Why is Tuesday considered an especially auspicious day for a wedding? Which one is right?
 Because in the Creation Story, God mentioned twice that the day is good
 Because people have recovered from the weekend
 Because the Ten Commandments were delivered on a Tuesday
 Because the Temple was completed on a Tuesday


Question 4. For how many days do the wedding celebrations continue after the wedding?


Question 5. Some people believe that Tuesday is a particularly good day for a Jewish wedding because
 In Genesis, on the third day of creation, the phrase "... and God saw that it was good" appears twice
 Itís cheaper than a wedding on a weekend
 Any day during the week is fine, as long as the wedding isnít on Shabbat
 To avoid two members of the family getting married on the same day


Question 6. True or false: In traditional circles, the bride and groom do not embark upon a honeymoon immediately after their wedding.


Question 7. True or false: A rabbi is required to perform a marriage ceremony.


Question 8. According to the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey, what portion of Jewish adults in America are members of interfaith families?


Question 9. In Yiddish, an aufruf means
 calling up
 get drunk


Question 10. True or false: The ketubah obligates a husband to provide food, clothing, and sexual satisfaction to his wife.