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Building a Jewish Home Quiz

A Jewish home has many unique features, and it is a key space for Jewish identity formation in families. How much do you know about Jewish home and family practices, rituals, and demographics?

Question 1. True or false: The commandment to hang a mezuzah is biblical in origin.


Question 2. What is a ba'al teshuvah?
 An aging parent
 A person who regularly leads prayers in synagogue
 A person who becomes more Jewishly observant
 A convert to Judaism


Question 3. Which of these ritual items are likely to be found in a Jewish home?
 Candle sticks
 Kiddush cups
 Special plates for challah loaves
 All of the above


Question 4. What does a mezuzah contain?
 A small parchment scroll
 A chai charm
 The text of the Jewish wedding contract
 An Aramaic chant


Question 5. What factors contribute to a Jewish population that is increasingly non-white?
 Adult conversion
 All of the above


Question 6. Which of these Jewish ritual items represents the home?
 Seder plate


Question 7. What is the most famous biblical example of adoption?
 Abraham adopts Isaac
 Mordecai adopts Esther
 Boaz adopts Ruth
 Moses adopts Aaron