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Sex & Sexuality Quiz

Judaism does not see sex as dirty or grossly physical, neither does it encourage sex outside committed relationships. How much do you know about Jewish perspectives on sex?

Question 1. True or false: It's possible to stop being a mamzer.


Question 2. Which Torah passage is read on the afternoon of Yom Kippur?
 The story of Adam and Eve.
 The passage forbidding homosexuality and various sexual sins.
 Abraham circumcising Isaac.
 The metaphorical "birth" of the Jewish people receiving the Ten Commandments.


Question 3. What is Judaism's opinion on celibacy?
 It is endorsed.
 It is up to the individual.
 Celibacy is only for rabbis.
 It is prohibited.


Question 4. True or false: When the Torah forbids masturbation, it refers exclusively to males.


Question 5. What is the literal translation for the Hebrew phrase that means "sexual offenses"?
 The "uncovering of nakedness."
 The "disclosing of truths."
 The "openness of desires."
 The "quenching of thirsts."
 None of the above.


Question 6. Does the Bible explicitly forbid homosexuality?
 No, but it does forbid male homosexual sex
 It never overtly references the subject


Question 7. True or false: Because it is a mitzvah to procreate, Jewish law never permits the use of birth control.


Question 8. What does the Sefer Hahinuch compare homosexuality to?
 Sexual congress with animals.
 Marrying a barren woman.
 All of the above.
 None of the above.


Question 9. What makes the biblical character Onan famous?
 He refused to perform a levirate marriage with his sister-in-law after his brother's death
 He slaughtered all the adult males of an entire city after one of them raped his sister
 He was the first nazirite
 He was a eunuch in the Holy Temple


Question 10. When are sexual relations forbidden, according to traditional Judaism?
 On Shabbat
 During a holiday such as Passover
 While a man is tired, or has a headache
 During the daylight hours