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Jewish Ethics Quiz

Judaism has a lot to say about ethics. How can we be responsible businesspeople? What constitutes talking about someone (and is it ever good to)? How can we be mentsches -- and what is a mentsch, anyway?

Question 1. The mitzvah of visiting the sick should be performed for what type of people?
 Jews who are ill
 Jews and children who are ill
 All who are ill
 Good people who are ill


Question 2. In the Talmud, what is robbing a person of even a penny comparable to?
 Claiming his or her food for Shabbat
 Taking his or her life
 Abducting his or her children
 Eating out of his or her home pantry


Question 3. Does the Torah provide laws about treating day laborers and physical workers fairly?


Question 4. According to Jewish law, when can vows be nullified?
 When they are broken
 On Purim at the end of the Fast of Esther
 On Passover at the seder
 On Yom Kippur at Kol Nidre


Question 5. Which biblical character is said to have set the ideal example for hakhnasat orhim, welcoming guests?


Question 6. True or false: According to the Shulhan Arukh, one should comfort both Jewish and non-Jewish mourners.


Question 7. What is the Hebrew term that describes the sale of an item at an excessively high or low price?
 Averah (forbidden)
 Tamei (impure)
 Kesher (connection)
 Ona'ah (oppression)