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Jewish Ethics Quiz

Judaism has a lot to say about ethics. How can we be responsible businesspeople? What constitutes talking about someone (and is it ever good to)? How can we be mentsches -- and what is a mentsch, anyway?

Question 1. According to Maimonides, to whom is a Jew forbidden to sell weapons of war?
 All of the above.
 None of the above.


Question 2. According to the rabbis in the Talmud, who is the best role model for the character trait of standing by one's word?
 Rabbi Akiba


Question 3. Implicit in the concept of tikkun olam is what understanding?
 The world is a good place, full of people who are, deep down, good
 The world is broken and needs to be fixed
 Fixing the world is the job of the world's leaders
 Social justice work is the way to end all wars


Question 4. Which characters from the Bible are known to have lied?
 Abraham and Sarah, to Pharaoh
 Shifra and Puah, to Pharaoh
 Samuel to Saul
 A and B
 All of the above


Question 5. According to the Midrash, God modeled the mitzvah of bikur holim (visiting the sick) by visiting whom?


Question 6. Which of these is a talmudic legal principle?
 "The law of the land is the law"
 “The law reaches beyond the letter of the law”
 "From the time you made your first offer, I had resolved in my mind to sell it to you. Therefore I may take no greater amount."
 All of the above.
 None of the above.


Question 7. Why is gossip, or rekhilut, prohibited?
 Because it would look bad if Jews were caught gossiping
 Because it can hurt people emotionally and materially, even if it seems innocent
 Because it's not productive
 Because it can cause you to become a leper (metzorah)