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Jewish Practices Quiz

Mitzvot--Judaism's commandments--guide Jewish practice. They have been interpreted and codified into a system called Halakhah--Jewish law. How much do you know about Jewish practices and the rules for Jewish daily life?

Question 1. According to Jewish tradition, how many mitzvot (commandments) are there?


Question 2. Which of these mitzvot are still performed by Jews today?
 Mitzvot related to organ donation
 Animal sacrifices
 Giving agricultural gifts to the priests
 All of these


Question 3. What is the name of the headcovering worn by many Jewish men and some Jewish women?


Question 4. True or false: Jewish law stipulates the timing and regularity of intimacy within a Jewish marriage.


Question 5. In traditional communities, when a Jewish woman gets married she begins covering her


Question 6. According to Jewish law how many times should a Jewish person pray every day? Tzedakah is often translated as charity, but itís more closely related to the concept of what?


Question 7. According to Jewish law, one must wait between eating
 dairy and eggs
 meat and dairy
 meat and eggs
 bread and meat


Question 8. What is a herem?
 A ban imposed on an individual to separate him/her from the other members of the community
 A space set aside for women
 A Jewish communal leader
 An expression of religious tolerance and diversity


Question 9. According to Jewish law, how much charity should a person give every year?
 5% of income
 10% of income
 20% of income
 25% of income


Question 10. Who in the Bible is described an ezer k'negdo, a "helper opposite him"?