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Kashrut/Dietary Laws Quiz

The rules of kashrut dictate which animals can be eaten, how to slaughter animals, and how to separate meat and dairy. How much do you know about the details of and reasons behind kashrut?

Question 1. In order to be considered kosher, what do fish have to have?
 A & B
 A & C


Question 2. Which of these is a rule about the knife used to slaughter animals in a kosher way?
 It must be made of silver.
 It must be serrated.
 It must be unserrated.
 It must be shorter than eight inches.


Question 3. What is NOT a requirement that animals must have in order to be considered kosher?
 They must be herbivores
 They must chew their cud
 They must have a cloven hoof
 They must have fur


Question 4. Which of these are never kosher?
 Dairy products


Question 5. Which of these animals has one attribute of being kosher, but not both?


Question 6. According to most opinions, cookware made of which material may not be remade kosher after being rendered unkosher?
 None of the above.


Question 7. What is the principle of tsa'ar ba'alei hayyim?
 The prevention of pain or cruelty to animals
 Not mixing milk and meat during meals
 Having a strictly vegetarian lifestyle
 The ethical discipline of avoiding certain foods or limiting one's appetite because of the growing scarcity of food in parts of the world