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Jewish Prayer Quiz

Jewish prayer has evolved from scattered supplications in the Bible to a vast, codified tradition today. How much do you know about Jewish prayer, synagogues, rabbis, and liturgy?

Question 1. What does the word "rabbi" literally mean?
 My teacher


Question 2. How many parts does the Priestly Blessing have?


Question 3. The additional prayer service for Shabbat and festivals is called:


Question 4. True or false: Traditional Jewish men recite a blessing each morning for "not making me a woman."


Question 5. What is the Hebrew name for tefillin boxes?


Question 6. How many men are needed to form a traditional prayer quorum?


Question 7. Prayer is regarded as a substitute for this action in the Holy Temple:
 Sacrificial offerings
 Talking in the back


Question 8. What can the study of Jewish prayer teach us?
 Anthropology of the Jews, since prayers vary according to local customs, ethnic origins, and ideologies
 History of the Jews, since prayers come from different times and places
 Jewish theology
 All of these


Question 9. What is the daily prayer book called?


Question 10. What is the Yiddish name for the head coverings worn by men (and some women) during prayer services?