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Bible Quiz

The Hebrew Bible is hardly bound by its covers; it has inspired significant commentary and criticism. How much do you know about the contents of the Bible, and about biblical scholarship?

Question 1. The Five Books of Moses is another name for what?
 The Torah
 The Nevi’im
 The Talmud
 The Mishnah


Question 2. What are the names of the three major prophets whose extensive writings are the longest in Nevi’im Aharonim?
 Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel
 Joshua, Samuel, and David
 Solomon, David, and Saul
 Elijah, Elisha, and Nathan


Question 3. Where and when is the Book of Lamentations set?
 In Jerusalem in the days after the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians
 In Jerusalem in the days after the Temple was destroyed by the Romans
 In Samaria after the division into two kingdoms after King Solomon
 In exile after the conquest of the northern kingdom of Israel by the Assyrian Empire


Question 4. Zipporah was the wife of which biblical man?


Question 5. What was the name of the King of Moab who wanted Balaam to curse the Israelites?


Question 6. Which of these is NOT a section of the Hebrew Bible?


Question 7. Which of the following books was written in part in Aramaic?


Question 8. What is the name of the son born to Abraham and Hagar (Sarah’s servant)?


Question 9. True or false: The Bible as a whole makes no claim for divine authorship.


Question 10. Which of these books is NOT part of the former prophets?
 The Book of Joshua
 The Book of Judges
 The Book of Samuel
 The Book of Isaiah