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Liturgy & Prayers Quiz

From the morning Shema to the evening Shema, prayer provides structure for the Jewish day. How much do you know about liturgy and prayers for regular days, Shabbat, and holidays?

Question 1. Which of these Hebrew prayer words means "world" or "eternity"?


Question 2. Except on Mondays and Thursdays, Tahanun (the supplication prayer) begins with a reference to which biblical figure?
 King David
 King Solomon


Question 3. In which part of the daily service includes the act of "fall on their face" "(nefilat apayim," literally "fall on one's face")?


Question 4. How many blessings are in the modern Shemoneh Esrei?


Question 5. What does the word siddur mean?


Question 6. What prayer is only recited in the morning, with the exception of the night of the Passover seder?
 Shemoneh Esrei
 Ain Keloheinu


Question 7. On Shabbat, the weekly Torah reading is divided into how many sections, or aliyot?


Question 8. Which of these is not a normal movement used during Jewish prayer?
 Taking three steps back, then three steps forward
 Bending the knees and bowing
 Folding the hands together, pointed upwards
 Swaying from side to side