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Liturgy & Prayers Quiz

From the morning Shema to the evening Shema, prayer provides structure for the Jewish day. How much do you know about liturgy and prayers for regular days, Shabbat, and holidays?

Question 1. How many blessings are in the modern Shemoneh Esrei?


Question 2. Which of these is not a normal movement used during Jewish prayer?
 Taking three steps back, then three steps forward
 Bending the knees and bowing
 Folding the hands together, pointed upwards
 Swaying from side to side


Question 3. Which book of the Torah is the first line of the Shema prayer taken from?


Question 4. In most communities, how many days in a normal, non-holiday week is the Torah read?
 Every day.
 Every day, as long as there is a minyan.


Question 5. Traditionally, Jews say which prayer when they wake up?
 Modeh Ani
 Adon Olam


Question 6. The prayer in the morning service called Barukh She'amar lists how many different attributes of God?


Question 7. What is the first paragraph of the Aleinu prayer about?
 A specifically Jewish obligation to praise God
 Universal recognition of God by all people
 Invoking collective recognition of God
 Refraining from saying Godís name in vain


Question 8. True or false: A minyan has always referred to a gathering of exactly ten people.