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Liturgy & Prayers Quiz

From the morning Shema to the evening Shema, prayer provides structure for the Jewish day. How much do you know about liturgy and prayers for regular days, Shabbat, and holidays?

Question 1. The three pilgrimage festivals, as well as Hanukkah and Rosh Chodesh, are characterized by the joyous recitation of a group of psalms called what?
 Lekhah Dodi


Question 2. In which part of the daily service includes the act of "fall on their face" "(nefilat apayim," literally "fall on one's face")?


Question 3. To spiritually prepare the worshipper for reciting the obligatory major prayers of the morning, the Rabbis established a series of selected passages to be read each morning. Where are these passages from?
 The Book of Genesis
 The Talmud
 Song of Songs
 The Hebrew Bible


Question 4. Which is NOT added to the musaf service on Rosh Hashanah?
 Al Chet


Question 5. What is unusual about the kaddish prayer?
 It does not mention God's name
 It is in Aramaic, not Hebrew
 It does not mention death
 All of the above
 None of the above


Question 6. True or false: A minyan has always referred to a gathering of exactly ten people.


Question 7. What is the first paragraph of the Aleinu prayer about?
 A specifically Jewish obligation to praise God
 Universal recognition of God by all people
 Invoking collective recognition of God
 Refraining from saying Godís name in vain


Question 8. What prayer is only recited in the morning, with the exception of the night of the Passover seder?
 Shemoneh Esrei
 Ain Keloheinu