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  • Pita


    Israeli Pita. Round Flatbread. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes

  • Babka


    This old world recipe for babka is luscious served as dessert, with coffee, or as breakfast. When it's baked, the dough becomes tender, so it pulls apart in buttery pieces that melt in your mouth.

  • Kibbeh Nabilseeyah

    Kibbeh Nabilseeyah

    Syrian Stuffed Fried Bulgur Wheat. Middle East Jewish Cooking. Middle East Jewish Recipes.

  • Falafel


    Israeli Falafel Recipe. About Israel's signature food--plus, a recipe. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes

  • Shakshuka


    Israeli Shakshuka Recipe. A recipe for one of the most popular egg dishes in Israel. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Food

  • Hummus


    Israeli Hummus Recipe You've seen it in the stores. Now you can make it at home. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes

  • Eretz Yisrael Cake

    Eretz Yisrael Cake

    Israeli Recipe Eretz Yisrael Cake. This cake uses ingredients commonly found -and associated with- the Land of Israel. Israeli Cooking

  • Borscht


    Borscht Recipe. Passover Foods in the Passover Kitchen. Passover at Home. Passover, Commemorating the Exodus. Featured Articles on Passover. Jewish Holidays

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