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  • Apple-Pear-Cranberry Kugel

    Apple-Pear-Cranberry Kugel

    A traditional recipe for the end of a fast.

  • Herring Pie

    Herring Pie

    A resourceful and flavorful herring dish, straight from the shtetl.

  • Forshmak


    An authentic Yiddish appetizer.

  • Healthy Tzimmes

    Healthy Tzimmes

    A new take on a holiday staple.

  • Cinnamon Kugel

    Cinnamon Kugel

    If I was sent to a desert island and could only bring one kugel, it would be this one.

  • Lamb Supreme Cholent

    Lamb Supreme Cholent

    A meatier take on a classic cholent recipe.

  • Italian Cholent

    Italian Cholent

    A little taste of Italy from your slow cooker.

  • Polish Cholent

    Polish Cholent

    A traditional cholent recipe.

  • Cheese Kreplach

    Cheese Kreplach

    Back in Russia and Poland, Jews would prepare cheese kreplach served with fried onions or a dusting of sugar, sometimes sour cream or perhaps a bit of jam.

  • Sweet and Sour Cabbage

    Sweet and Sour Cabbage

    Cooked cabbage in a sweet and sour sauce with ground caraway. Inexpensive to make and filling. Traditional fare from Eastern Europe.

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