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  • Mamaliga


    Romania's versatile cornmeal dish.

  • Roasted Potatoes

    Roasted Potatoes

    A Friday night staple.

  • Rhubarb Rugelach

    Rhubarb Rugelach

    A tangy take on the classic Jewish cookie.

  • Herring


    A stinky fish with a fervent following.

  • Gefilte Fish

    Gefilte Fish

    This recipe for gefilte fish is only first course you'll ever need.

  • Jewish Coffee Cake

    Jewish Coffee Cake

    Ashkenazic coffee cake, most often made with sour cream, is a dish with a history going back to 17th century Eastern Europe. Try this delicious recipe.

  • Chopped Liver Recipe

    Chopped Liver Recipe

    Chopped liver, along with gefilte fish , has a reputation for being--well, gross. But for every Jew who gags at the mention of this cholesterol-filled European delicacy, there's at least one whose mouth waters.

  • Plum Cake

    Plum Cake

    Plumkuchen, or plum cake, is a traditional German-Jewish recipe.

  • Vegetarian Recipe

    Vegetarian Recipe

    A recipe for kosher vegetarian chicken soup.

  • Recipe


    A delicious Jewish recipe for chicken soup with vegetables.

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